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Thrive Speech & Feeding Therapy is a family-centered privately owned practice based in Torrance, California. Our practice provides highly individualized diagnostic and therapeutic speech-language and feeding services to children and adolescents.




We provide the highest quality service in our office or via telepractice.



Thrive Speech & Feeding Therapy provides in-person therapy and is centrally located in the city of Torrance, California. We serve Torrance, Beach Cities, South Bay, Palos Verdes, and adjacent areas.


Thrive Speech & Feeding Therapy offers engaging high-quality care via telepractice by utilizing the latest technology which allows for the client and clinician to immerse in a variety of interactive speech and language activities together, read books (turn pages) together, and play games together. Telehealth visits provide the opportunity to serve families across California.

Private Practice


At Thrive Speech & Feeding Therapy, we take a collaborative family-centered, compassionate, and holistic approach to treatment.

We provide individually tailored speech, language, social communication, and feeding therapy for children, adolescents, and adults. We are dedicated to helping individuals of all capacities reach their full communication potential. We help individuals with feeding difficulties become healthy happy eaters who enjoy mealtime. We provide parent coaching as an integral part of our therapy process and offer Early Language Toddler Groups and Kinder-Readiness groups as their own services.


We offer complimentary phone consultations to determine whether your child would benefit from a comprehensive speech-language, oral swallow and/or feeding evaluation. During the consultation, we will be learning about your family, discussing your family’s needs and/or concerns, and will answer any questions you have.


Screenings are utilized to identify possible communication, hearing, and/or feeding and swallowing disorders. A screening allows us to determine whether treatment and/or referrals are necessary.


A speech-language, oral swallowing, and/or feeding evaluation will be conducted to determine a diagnosis (if any), as well as the type and frequency of therapy needed.

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After you or your child is evaluated, we create goals targeting specific skills based on your child’s capabilities, challenges, and the family’s goals.

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“We moved here and my son’s intelligibility was very low. There were sounds he couldn’t make and he was unable to tell people his name. We tried quite a few speech therapists and when we started with Rose we knew she was the one that could make a difference in his speech. She was able to diagnose him with Apraxia and get us on the right path quickly. She’s the perfect blend of fun and business for my energetic 4 year old. She works with parents to help us understand how to best support our kids. My son completely adores her and in the year that we’ve been seeing her his speech has gone from 0-100. She was able to get him to say his name (Made me cry) and is very knowledgeable with techniques to teach sounds. It is so important to find a therapist that is a good fit for your child’s personality and family (especially if you see them often) and she is just that. I truly believe she has had the biggest impact on my sons speech and I would absolutely recommend her 100x over.”

Andrea T

“Rose is an amazing speech therapist. In the fall of 2020, when my son needed personal interaction the most, Rose stepped in as his speech therapist and became his friend. Stone looked forward to his sessions with Rose. Her customized lessons had his lisps and articulation issues figured out in a matter of months. At the same time, I had the public school’s therapist working with Stone. Because of Covid, I could hear both lessons and compare their differences. If not for Rose, Stone would still have articulation issues. When it came time to “graduate” Stone was in tears because he was going to miss her so much. I think that level of trust and comfortability with Rose helped him push through his issues at a faster pace than he would have otherwise.”

Sabrina T,

“We love Ms. Rose! Finding feeding therapy in the South Bay is incredibly difficult, so we are so thankful for Thrive Speech. Rose is competent, kind, patient, knowledgeable, prompt, and easily reachable. In a short amount of time my child has made great strides, and we look forward to our continued work with her.”

Shauna R,

Ms. Rose is very effcient speech therapist. She is doing an amazing job with my son. After staring therapy with her, my son not only has learned new skills but also is able to express himself confidently.

Hemalatha G

After going to a few other speech therapist in the area I have to say Thrive is the place to go. The therapist are all very welcoming and really enjoy interacting and helping those they are treating. My two children have been going for a few months now. My daughter actually got engaged and interacted with Joy vice just sitting in the room starring at the therapist at the other facility we went to previously. The level of experience far exceeds others. Rose is great, she is very understanding and accommodating when life throws those curveballs – hands down the best!!!

Michael G

Rose and Alyssa is absolutely the best speech therapist in area. She has so much passion to help my son , she search things for me ,love her genuine interest on kids. Great environment , super clean and safe and cosy rooms . Each room been decorated by love and you can see. Thank you Thrive Speech Therapy

Eneida P

Alyssa and Rose at Thrive have been fantastic partners in our son’s journey to support his needs around an expressive speech delay. Alyssa’s approach was what you would hope from a strong, experienced practitioner: using our son’s interests as a guide and finding the sweet spot of encouraging our son while not pushing him to the point of frustration. Alyssa consistently asked about our son’s progress at home and offered suggestions based on what she was seeing during our sessions together. She helped model what we can do in-between sessions and was always willing to make time for questions. The kindness and energy from all staff members at Thrive is palpable. In addition, the new facility is an added bonus (clean, spacious, accessible, & easy parking). We are so thankful for Alyssa and the entire team at Thrive!

Jon C

Thrive is an amazing facility to work with. The owner is very involved and helpful. I get responses very quick. Alyssa, is an amazing therapist and my son loves going. We feel lucky to have found this place.

Kimberly P

We have worked with several speech therapists in recent years but the slow progress has been discouraging. However, when we first met w/ Rose @ Thrive Speech & Feeding Therapy she explained the mechanics of what we need help with and gave me such hope that we could nail down some articulation issues in just several months. It’s only been 2.5 months since we started and we’ve seen such stellar progress in my son’s articulation! Family and friends have been commenting and we’re just so happy to have found Rose! On top of that, my son looks forward to his sessions here, it’s like play & speech therapy combined. We also started seeing Alyssa in the same office to work on pragmatics and she’s been amazing too in helping my son with expressive language and self-advocacy. It’s a drive for us to come to this office but so worth it! 5 star rating from our family!

Ida A

Rose and Alyssa have helped my daughter tremendously with her picky eating and Speech. My daughter is now open to new foods and it has made dinnertime and eating out so much easier. Most importantly they helped me to find out my daughter’s preferences for types of foods and textures which opened the door to her trying new foods. She has also made quick progress in Speech and readily self corrects her incorrect tense. My daughter also LOVED working with Rose and Alyssa and her time at Thrive! She is happy to graduate Speech and Feeding Therapy but sad to leave her time at Thrive. I am thankful for all of the parent education Rose and Alyssa have provided to help me understand my daughter’s needs better. Thrive provided my daughter high quality care, valuable parent education, with highly experienced SLP’s in a loving and caring environment. I could not be happier with our experience at Thrive.

Lisa A

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